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BHC Canvas Game Showcased on CreateJS.com

I was very excited to see that the Beverly Hills Chihuahua game I developed was showcased on the home page of CreateJS.com. I really love the platform, and I’m obviously a huge fan of Grant Skinner, so it’s definitely an honor. They were also kind enough to link my TexturePacker post under Learning Resources as well!

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HTML5 Canvas Puzzle Tutorial Published

Today I had my first tutorial published on activetuts+. I’ve been wanting to write tutorials for a long time so it’s great to see it get published to such a great tutorial website. I plan on writing more in the near future and even moving on to screencasts and more video blog posts.

Click the image above to check out the tutorial. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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Terry Paton Game, FlipIt. An HTML5 Remake.

HTML5 Flipit from Terry Paton on Vimeo.

For the past week or so I’ve been remaking a Terry Paton game. It’s called FlipIt and can be found on a variety of app stores and desktop.  I had the idea to do a remake of one of his games in an effort to get more canvas practice, and to maybe even help spread his games to more screens.  It’s already proven to run great on the iPad.

Last night Terry recorded a video of the progress so far.  As you can see, canvas runs pretty poorly on Android devices.  This is frustrating in ways but I’m confident that it will catch up.  I’m just happy it’s at least running great on iOS browsers and of course desktop. That’s a great start!

Anyway, here is the video he shot.  Maybe it will finally push me to start doing my own videos and screencasts.

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Fakezee showcased on Scoreoid Website

First of all, Scoreoid is awesome!  The API is straight forward and a cinch to implement. I was saving and retrieving scores within 20 minutes of signing up.

The Scoreoid dashboard is one of the most user-friendly experiences I’ve ever had on the web.  Even the simple things, like the COPY button for the Game and API keys make a huge difference. Other web services should take note on how things are done here.  It’s a shame that most of them out there are so complicated and over-featured.

As far as Fakezee goes, I’m honored to be mentioned in such a great site / service.  I have many more games in the works and will definitely be using Scoreoid for all of them.

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