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HTML5 Canvas Game – FlipIt

I’ve been working on a remake of Terry Paton’s Flash Game, FlipIt. A few days ago I completed it and it’s now available to play. This version works great on the iPad and iPhone. … more…

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Terry Paton Game, FlipIt. An HTML5 Remake.

HTML5 Flipit from Terry Paton on Vimeo.

For the past week or so I’ve been remaking a Terry Paton game. It’s called FlipIt and can be found on a variety of app stores and desktop.  I had the idea to do a remake of one of his games in an effort to get more canvas practice, and to maybe even help spread his games to more screens.  It’s already proven to run great on the iPad.

Last night Terry recorded a video of the progress so far.  As you can see, canvas runs pretty poorly on Android devices.  This is frustrating in ways but I’m confident that it will catch up.  I’m just happy it’s at least running great on iOS browsers and of course desktop. That’s a great start!

Anyway, here is the video he shot.  Maybe it will finally push me to start doing my own videos and screencasts.

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Moving forward with HTML5 Canvas Games

I spent the most part of Q4 last year focusing on HTML5 Canvas.  Primarily for game development. Code maintenance was top priority and I tried to carry over as much Actionscript techniques as I possibly could.

… more…

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